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Rangelrooij, Hamono.nl
For years, Elwin has been sharpening the knives of many chefs from the farthest corners, and can regularly be found in Japan to gather knowledge and manage his network.
As a result, he knows better than anyone how carefully his customers handle the knives.
Over the years he has developed knowledge about quality knives.

René has rediscovered his old love for woodworking. Every day he is busy with his passion, developing ideas and working with beautiful products.
With the craftsmanship of René, each Rokkakkei is finished in detail to function as a showpiece.

Elwin de Veld

René Visser

Two guys with craftsmanship and an equal passion. Elwin has a lot of knowledge about knives. In the search for a custom knife block he found René an expert in woodworking. They have combined their expertise and decided to build a special block. The base for the design is the shape of a traditional Japanese knife handle.