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You have beautiful (Japanese) knives.
Proper storage ensures that your knives continue to perform at their best.
The stylish design of the Rokkakkei safely stores your knives and also looks great in your kitchen.
Due to the handy design, it can be used anywhere.

Magnetic knife block
The Rokkakkei means Hexagon in Japanese. This shape is the basis of our design.
A Japanese knife requires craftsmanship, which is also reflected in the Rokkakkei.
Like the refined Japanese knives, the Rokkakkei is made with dedication and only using high-quality materials.

The strength of Rokkakkei is simplicity. The optimal balance is created by using shape, weight and material.
The Rokkakkei is made entirely by hand and therefore each one is unique.
The Rokkakkei offers space for 6 knives.

High-quality materials

100% Dutch product

High-quality finish